Abeer Nehme is a Lebanese established artist possessing one of the strongest voices in the Arab world. She is known as “The All Styles Specialist" for her ability to perform a diversity of music genres and dialogues ranging from Oriental modal traditional styles to Opera and modern western styles.

Her exceptional vocal talents and her unique performances of various Arabic and Western music styles, labelled Abeer as one of the best singers to rise from the Middle East. Her musical experience goes beyond being a performing artist, she is also a professional music composer with a rich portfolio of achievements. She has worked on documentaries such as the series Ethnopholia Mousiqa-l-Shou’oub -a series of forty documentaries featuring Abeer’s unique capacity to sing in various languages while interacting, introducing and identifying cultural music and traditions around the world. Her Ethnopholia Mousiqa-l-Shou’oub project has won the prestigious Murex d’Or Award for the best documentary in 2017.

Ethnopholia is considered to be a first of its kind in the region, in which Abeer travels across the four corners of the globe searching for the roots and origins of cultures, folk and ethnic music and interacting with the people by singing their songs, dancing their dances and observing their culture and traditions in all their aspects in order to produce and create this outstanding one-of-a-kind documentary.

She is undoubtedly the only Arab singer – and one of the few singers worldwide - to perform in more than twenty-seven languages which makes her the emissary of cultural and musical dialogue in the region. Her advanced knowledge of folk music, Arabic and Aramaic Oriental music and Western music position her as a true messenger of civilizational, cultural and artistic dialogue that transcends boundaries and attracts lovers of all musical styles.

Abeer Nehme has been awarded several prizes and recognitions, including the Wadih El Safi Academic Award, the Murex d’Or twice (in 2010 and 2017) for Best Voice in the Arab World and the cultural award in Galicia, Spain among others.

She has performed at the grandest theatres worldwide, taking part in key international festivals such as Baalbeck International Festival in Lebanon, Abu Dhabi Classical Music Festival in the UAE, Andrea Parodi Festival in Sardinia, London Opera House and Berlin Opera House to name a few.

She also excelled in musicals, performing in major plays with leading roles produced by legendary names from the Arab world alike by Elias Rahbani, Raymond Gebara, Antoine Ghandour and Ivan Caracalla. The Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority selected her to compose the theme for the Sheikh Zayed Book Award.

Indian Ambassador to Lebanon, Sanjiv Arora released a video of Abeer Nehme singing ‘ VAISHNAV JAN TO TENE KAHIYE JE’- Narsi Mehta’s 15th century poem in Old Gujarati, which was adopted by Mahatma Gandhi into the roster of prayers routinely sung at the Sabarmati ashram. The video was brought out in a creative partnership between the Indian Prime Minister and Abeer, followed by an honoring of Abeer.

A list of notable performances and festival appearances by Abeer Nehme:
Baalbeck International Festival, Lebanon.
Bozar with the Belgian National Orchestra, Belgium.
Place des Arts, Montreal, Canada.
Harvard University in Boston, USA.
Strasbourg, France.
Tannourine International Festival, Lebanon.
Performance through the UNESCWA meeting in Lebanon.
Place Flagey International Festival, Brussels
Hotel de Ville, Paris municipality hall, France.
The prestigious Philharmonie de Paris, France.
Accompanied by the KSO Philharmonic Orchestra, Norway.
Spring Festival, Budapest, Hungary.
Sala Radio with the National Radio Orchestra, Bucharest, Romania.
Cedars International Festival, Lebanon.
Opening of the Beiteddine Art Festival, Lebanon.
Byblos International Festival, Lebanon.
Al Bosra International Festival, Syria.
Carthage Festival, Tunisia.
Three times Opening of Fes International Festival, Bab Al Makina, Morocco.
Opening of the Abu Dhabi Classical Music Festival, UAE.
Opening of the Fujairah International Festival, UAE.
Al-Mutanabbi… Musafiran Abadan concert at the opening of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, UAE.
Andrea Parodi Festival, Sardinia.
Istanbul Opera House, Turkey.
Cairo Opera House, Egypt.
Damascus Opera House, Syria.
Berlin Opera House, Germany.
London Opera House, UK.
Saint Peter’s Cathedral at the Vatican City in Rome with the presence of his Holiness the Pope.
Katara Theater accompanied by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, Qatar.
At the Dubai Opera through the Arabic reading challenge تحدي القراءة العربي  along with Kadim Al Saher and Hussain Al Jassmi
Kuwait Opera House
United States of America tour in the presence of the Vice President
Bahrain Opera
Philharmonie de Paris, France
The Odeon Theater, Jordan
Abeer played the leading role of Shalimar in a 4-day musical “Abyad w Aswad” through a huge production at the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center (Kuwait Opera House)
Abeer performed the opening ceremony of the Lebanese Diaspora Energy meeting, in front of leaders from all over the world in Lebanon including the Lebanese president H.E. General Michel Aoun
Casino du Liban, Lebanon
Jerash International Festival, Jordan
Operette “Al Hudn Al Arabi” at Dubai’s “La Perle”, UAE
Abeer performed with the National Arab Orchestra in Houston, USA




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