“The Choir of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik”, or more briefly “The Choir of Kaslik”, was founded, together with the construction of the University, in 1950. The importance of this choir is due not only to the quality of its interpretation but to its ecclesial and liturgical role, and to its artistic and patrimonial role in the preservation and the promotion of authentic Arabic and Lebanese music. This choir was the principal execution tool of liturgical and musical reforms that took place within the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik and almost reached the totality of the Maronite Church, both in Lebanon and beyond its borders. Moreover, through concerts and records, it revitalized an authentic Lebanese and Arabic musical heritage.

Father Badih El Hajj
has a PhD in History of Music and Musicology from Sorbonne, Paris and a degree in Theology from USEK, Lebanon. He is the dean of the Faculty of Music in USEK and also a professor in the Faculty. He directs the Centre for Musical and Sound Heritage, the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik Choir, and the Studio Services at the Faculty of Music. He is also a member of the University Academic and Research Council.




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