The Jamhour Choir was initially founded in 2010, to perform Taizé prayers and chants every Friday during Lent. It was formed of a small group of secondary school students; that is, 25 singers and 5 musicians.

At first, the founders were not expecting their Choir to take off the way it did!

The initiators of the project were Father Denis Meyer S.J, who is currently the spiritual leader of the School and Mr. Haytham Azzi, composer and music instructor who graduated from Kaslik University with a Master’s degree in Musicology.

Following the success of the weekly Taizé prayer sessions, the Jamhour Choir decided to perform during the annual college fair. And so the journey began!

In 2011, a year after the first concert was held, the College Notre Dame de Jamhour founded its Music School with the accreditation of the Lebanese Government. The school rector Father Bruno Sion Sj, the spiritual leader Father Denis Meyer sj, and the supervisor of sports and artistic activities Miss Alice Keyrouz fully supported M. Haytham Azzi, who initiated the project and is today, the Music School’s director.

One objective of this project was to provide students with music lessons, in order to eventually enlarge the Choir and the Orchestra.

By 2011, the number of Choir members increased to 70 singers and 10 musicians.

In 2015, the number of participants grew to 90 singers and around 30 musicians, as some of the music school students and teachers decided to join the orchestra. The orchestra consisted of a complete string section (Classical guitar, violin I & II, viola, cello and double bass), woodwinds (flute, oboe, clarinet, and alto sax), brass (trumpet) and percussions (piano and classical percussions). As for the oriental repertoire, the ensemble was joined by a nay, oud and oriental percussions.
All solo singers were classical singing students in the music school. The leading singer was their teacher Ms. Corinne Haddad Azzi, who contributed a lot in refining the raw sound of the choir.

Since its launch, the choir has participated in many International events.

The Divine Liturgy presided by the General President of the Jesuits worldwide, Father Adolfo Nicolas, during his visit to Lebanon in March 2011.

The Divine Liturgy presided by Patriarch Al Rai at the school, during his pastoral visit to the diocese of Beirut in February 2012.

The New Year’s Recital in St. Judas Tadao Church in Rome- Italy, during the European gatherings of Taizé in 2012.

Christmas Recital in Notre Dame de Jamhour church, with the participation of Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint Marc, from the movie «Les Choristes», December 2013.

New Year's Eve Prayer during the European gatherings of Taizé in 2014, in St. Ignacio of Loyola Church in the city of Prague-Czech Republic.
Participation in the International Festival of choir songs in Sardinia «Al Sole Della Sardegna», from the 18th till the 25th of august, 2015.

Prayer of Taizé at the Sœurs Franciscaines Church in Badaro, during the presence of brother Alois, Prior of the Taizé community, December 2015. 

Christmas recital during the « Beirut Chants » festival, December 2015.

The Closing of a three week-end training series with Ibrahim Maalouf, celebrity Trumpet player, March 12th, 2016.

Participation in the International Festival of choir songs in Verona, Italy, « Verona Garda Estate », from the 18th  till the 25th of July, 2016.

Prayer of Taizé at the Patriarchy of Bkerke, during the presence of the Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros Al Rai, Brother Jean-Jacques, and Brother Maxime from the Taizé community.
Christmas recital during the « Beirut Chants » festival, December 2015.

Participation in the International Festival of choir songs in Sardinia, Italy, «Al Sole Della Sardegna», from the 21st till the 28th of august, 2017.

Participation in the International meeting with the Maronites of Cyprus.

Concert for the memorial of the Turkish invasion of the north Cyprus in Kormakitis, July 2018

Concert and mass for the Silver Jubilee of Saint Charbel Church in Limassol, July 2018

Mass at Maronite Cathedral in Nicosia with Mgr Youssef Soueif, July 2018

Concert with three International Musiciens “ Christine Marchais, Juliette Sieffert and Marc Sieffert” for the closing of a Master Class, October 2018

Two concerts with Russian Choir “Saint Petersburg School of Music N° 18 ” at Collège Notre Dame de Jamhour and Batroun, November 2018.

As for the Repertoire, the Choir has interpreted songs of senior composers:

Maronite liturgy: Father Joseph Khoury, the father Dr. Louis-Haj, Father Joseph el Achkar, Father Dr. Joseph Tannous, Father Dr. Milad Tarabay and Bechara Farzan.

Latin liuturgy: Mgr. Marco Frisina, Didier Rimaud, and Jacques Bertier.

Popular Lebanese music: The Rahbani, Zaki Nassif, Wadih el Safi, and Ziad Rahbani.

Lebanese scholarly music: Gabriel Yared, Violaine Prince, Georges Baz, Irma Toudjain, Bechara el Khoury, Haytham Azzi, and Toufic Succar.

Western scholarly music: J. Caccini, A. Vivaldi, J.P. Rameau, J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart. F. Schubert, G. Verdi, J. Strauss, Léo Delibes, C. Orff, E. Elgar, O. Reiding, J. Brahms, G. Ph. Telemann, Gabriel Fauré, G. F. Haendel, J Haydn, G. De Marzi, F. Chopin, G. Fauré, F. Mendelssohn, P. I. Tchaïkovski, and A. Dvořák.

Movie soundtracks: John Williams, Bruno Coulais, Richard Rodgers, Philippe Rombi, Joe Hisaishi, and Claude-Michel Schönberg.

Contemporary music: Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Bob Dylan, and Jean-Jacques Goldman.

Practicing music allows students to refine their souls and to familiarize them with the meaning of commitment. The practice of music improves their humanitarian, musical, technical, interpretation and execution skills, which abide by the Jesuit’s multifaceted objectives.


Thème de Harry Potter
John Williams (1932)

Messe brève en Ré
Kyrie et Gloria
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ave Maria
Composition Haytham Azzi
Paroles Sami Bou Atme
Panis Angelicus
César Franck (1822-1890)

Canon en Ré
Johann Pachelbel
(1653 –1706)

A la volonté du peuple
Claude-Michel Schönberg (1944)
ملاَكُ‭ ‬الرب‭ ‬وافانا
P. Youssef el Khoury
Les Frères Rahbani

In the bleak midwinter
Gustavus Holst (1874 –1934)

Un chant d’amour
The first Noel
Davies Gilbert (1767-1839)

Minuit Chrétien
Adolphe Adam (1803-1856)

Adeste fideles
John Francis Wade (1711 –1786)
Silent Night عيَّد‭ ‬الليل
Franz Xavier Gruber  (1783-1863)

Ding dong
Jehan Tabourot  (1519–1593)

Carol of the bels
Mykola Leontovych (1877 –1921)

Joy to the world
Mus : G.F. Handel (1685-1759)
Adaptation : Lowell Mason

We wish you a merry Christmas
Chant populaire du XVIe siècle



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