Ghada Shbeir
Ghada Shbeir holds a PHD in Musical Sciences as well as a diploma in Arabic singing from the Holy Spirit University-Kaslik. In 1997, she was awarded the first prize at the Best Arabic SongCompetition in Egypt. She was also awarded the BBC World Music Award for both the Middle East and North Africa for her CD entitled “Mouachahat” in 2007. In addition to that, she won the first international award prize for the interpretation of Andalusian chants (Mouachahat).Later on, Ghada Shbeir released severalArabic CDs entitled “Qawaleb”, “Al Qasida”, “Andalusia”, and numerous SyriacChants CDs; « Syriac Chants », « Passion », « Chants Syriaques- Noel » and « Chants Syriaques - Vol 4 ». She has recently launched a book entitled “Al Mouashahat”; an academic curriculum for oriental singing students distributed over five years. Shbeir has performed and participated in international music congresses by giving conference talks and lectures. She has also participated in international festivals around the world including Lebanon, Egypt, Greece, Slovakia, France, London, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi,Canada, Bologna, Qatar, Germany, Spain, China, America, Sarajevo, Switzerland,Jordan, Turkey, Oman, Bahrain, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Muscat, and others.




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