Director's Letter

Today we look back upon 13 years of Beirut Chants; 13 years
with more than 300 concerts, today it is a global network with each season accounting for more than 900 musicians and performers from all over the world and more than 40,000 people in the audience. It is a high-quality program constantly attracting many new partners, and collaborations within this unique framework of the festival.​

Looking back, it is now time to move forward with a vision that is aligned to the world of today, Beirut Chants has truly become a global festival, and we are proud of this achievement.

This season will be a highlight of the year that will allow each one of us to enjoy and share intense moments and to discover talented musicians, ensembles of excellence and indisputable singers, who stand out for their singularity.

Let’s look through the eyes of each performance, in knowing what Beirut Chants is, being a meeting place where we share quality moments, musical enchantment and joyful melodies.​

Happy season!

- Toufic Maatouk -

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