Founder's Letter

Family of Beirut Chants,
Let us start from where we ended our opening speech last year:

“People of Lebanon, Unite! Unite for the love of music and unite to make our country beautiful again...

We stand united as never before to claim what is rightfully ours.
We are joined in beauty.

The beauty of transforming our public spaces into theaters for arts and cultural performances.

The beauty in chanting coexistence while peacefully claiming your rights... Our rights as full equal citizens under our laws and under our God.

This unity we have experienced has brought back hope to realize our dream of a better Lebanon which now is so close of becoming reality.
The Beirut Chants raison d’etre is “music for everyone in the historical churches and venues in Beirut”.

We invite all people to join us this year to chant for change and to stand together for our values.

Together we will overcome and together we will be victorious.

God bless our Lebanon and God bless you all.

- Micheline Abou Samra -

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