St. Stephanos the Melode Choir
The Saint Stephanos Choir was founded in 2009 by Father Romanos (Bachir) Osta, head of the Saint Stephanos Patriarchal School of byzantine Music.
Fr. Romanos is also the first chanter of the See of Antioch. He gathered a large number of skilled chanters in the Eparchy of Beirut, Jbeil, then extended to South and reached all the Lebanese Eparchies.
Moreover, he founded the Saint Stephanos female choir in 2012 that is currently under the direction of Miss Josiane El Hindi.
The Choir presented many recitals, served many masses and prayers (Parochial masses and prayers, ordination of priests and bishops, joint recitals with other choirs…)
All members of the Choir are experienced chanters of Byzantine music, as well as students of the Saint Stephanos Patriarchal School, who gradually enter the Choir upon acquiring all required skills and knowledge.



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